Be More Social Lapel Pin

Be More Social run workshops and seminars for businesses wanting to learn more about social media and how it can help promote their business to a larger audience. It soon became clear to Rik and Ben that businesses needed more than just a workshop to help them with their social media presence. In addition to workshops, they work with individual businesses to identify their aims and objectives.Be More Social Logo Being in the industry for over 12 years, they suggest the best social media platforms to use and how to get the best results from them. Be More Social offer plenty of free guidance but also have membership packages that allow business to access guru sessions and help with all aspects of social media for businesses.

Be More Social Workshop

When the company was founded, a great deal of thought went into creating a logo that was easily recognised. It also needed to be relevant to the communications industry. The use of a speech bubble with text seemed like a good starting point. They created a unique square speech bubble, added their own stylised hashtag to the centre and the text at the side. By doing this, the logo can used with or without text and is instantly recognisable.

Rik understood the importance of social media in his business. He also wanted to present something to people attending workshops that would be kept. After much thought and discussion, Rik decided that a subtle lapel pin depicting the logo would be ideal. The lapel pins are given to to people attending workshops and existing customers, creating a visual talking point.

Be More Social Lapel Pin

The Be More Social lapel pin is not cluttered with unnecessary detail. The yellow background does not shout out at you. It looks smart when worn and from distance, is a subtle nod to the brand. All of this combined, ensures the lapel pins are an important part of their marketing. Up close, individuals/potential customers are keen to find out what the logo stands for, thus sparking conversations. This engages and initiates discussions about the brand.