Diana Anti Bullying Programme

The Diana Award was founded as a legacy to Diana, Princess of Wales’ belief that young people have the power to change the world for the better. Part of the charity is the Diana Anti Bullying Ambassodor programme. It aims to give young people, staff and parents across the UK the skills, knowledge and confidence to tackle online and offline bullying in their schools and communities. Since their formation in 2013, they have worked in over 2000 schools and trained over 15,000 people, helping them talk about bullying and how to prevent it happening.

Anti Bullying

The Ambassador training gives students and staff the skills, practical ideas, knowledge and confidence to effectively TACKLE BULLYING in their schools and communities. After receiving the specialist training, students become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and are responsible for raising awareness of bullying, leading on campaigns, promoting kindness and ensuring their peers stay safe both online and offline.

His Royal Highness Prince William is a keen supporter of the charity, as well as several high profile personals including Ronan Keating, Jameela Jamil, Jodie Marsh and Diversity to name but a few.

It is very reassuring that the Ambassador training is being delivered to so many schools and that it is making a difference to so many young people who have endured bullying over many years.Diana Anti Bulling Badge Finished The Ambassadors who complete the training courses receive a certificate and also a Ambassadors lapel pin badge that has been manufactured by House of Logos.

Frankie Spivey Events & Marketing Co-coordinator for the charity believes that the lapel pin badges create a visual impression and gets people talking about what it represents, so is a real help when trying to get the Diana Anti Bullying message across.

The Diana Anti Bullying Programme is proving to be a successful way to approach the problem and is helping to change the lives of many young people. If our charity badges do even just a little to help a good cause, that’s good for us!