Long Service Awards

Hatfields Long Service Awards

In an ever changing world, the long service award has undergone quite a change. The traditional milestones of 15, 20, 25 and 30 years tend to have been replaced with 5, 10 and 15 years. To put it simply, this is down to people tending to move jobs more frequently.

Forward thinking employers tend to hold annual anniversary events for all staff that have completed a specific milestone.

Dodo Juice Products

Dodo Juice Products Made By House of Logos

Prestigious car care company Dodo Juice are very conscious about customer care and after sales service. Here we take a look through the Dodo Juice products we have made to date.

Together we created a Dodo Juice keyring and bottle opener depicting the company logo. These were resold to customers and also used for giveaways in competitions they run on Facebook and in their forum. Alongside their existing high quality after sales service, this created customer loyalty and got the brand talked about.

Golf Days Items

Golf days are a great way to build strong relationships with your clients and staff outside of a working environment and also thank them for their custom/services.

This can be seen when a worldwide telecom company held a 3 day Tournament in Jersey, USA. They were looking for a gift that they could present to all golfers taking part in the competition.