SoWo – Southern Wörthersee

The Wörthersee Tour in Reifnitz, Austria is the largest gathering of VAG (VW & Audi) enthusiasts in the world. For more than two decades this charming lakeside village has hosted millions of enthusiasts who come to appreciate the most innovative and trendsetting VWs and Audis in Europe. Over the Wörtherseeyears many companies we have worked with including Rotiform, Players, Milestone 71 and Dub Fiction have been involved with the gathering, often to showcase their newly built cars and products. Wörthersee, as this event is most commonly known, derives its name from the beautiful lake that dominates this popular vacation area.


As the VAG scene is hugely popular in the USA and as the Wörthersee gathering isn’t easily accessible for people outside of Europe and America in particular, Southern Wörthersee was born. The inspiration for SoWo (Southern Wörthersee) is to bring together cars and fans of these beloved marques in a truly authentic European atmosphere. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains on the Chattahoochee River, is the quaint Bavarian-themed town of Helen, Georgia. With its striking similarities to the Wörthersee region.

Where does House of Logos fit into all of this I hear you ask? Well, as we’ve been successfully dealing with more and more companies in the USA who demand excellent quality for their clients and customers, Matthew Bounds got in touch wanting keyrings for his own event – SoWo. Matt filled our contact form and sent over the initial SoWo logo. After a few in house design tweaks, the artwork was fSoWo keychaininished and we were ready to get to work. 4 weeks down the line and the keyrings were finished and delivered. We think the finished items speak for themselves and would take pride of place on anyone’s keys. Here’s to an awesome event Matt, just a shame we’re not a little closer!

I would like to thank Matthew Bounds for his help with the show description and also My Chalet Finder for one of the images used.