The Mayor of Paddington & The Mayor Bear

London was the centre of attention this year as a famous Paddington Bear returned to the capital. To mark the occasion, 20 special Paddington Bear statues were commissioned and erected in locations all over London.Mayor of Paddington Bear

One of the designs showed Paddington taking up the role of the ‘Mayor of Paddington’ in all his Mayoral Robes, a truly magnificent sight to see. House of Logos were proud to be asked by Robin Davies (of The London Mayors’ Association) to produce a limited number of Salt and Pepper pots showing the London Mayors’ Association Logo and the Paddington Bear Mayor. In addition to this, ceramic mugs were made foPaddington Sat & Pepper Potsr all staff of the council.

Speaking of famous bears, our own little Mayor Bear lapel pin badges are still as popular as ever with some councils personalising them with their names on.

The badges are used in many different ways by Council Mayors, including being presented on charity golf days to golfers who take part in the Mayors’ golf day as a way of saying thanks for your support.

Other uses for the Mayor Bear badges includeMayor Bear Badges:

Presenting them at twin town visits. The Mayor Bear always put a smile on peoples faces and creates a feel good atmosphere wherever he (or she!) goes.

– Given to visitors to the Mayors’ Parlour as a little memento of their visit.

– Businesses, council workers and charity fundraisers selling the badges to help support and raise funds for the Mayors’ charity.