Deranged Vehicles Bespoke Badges

Deranged is a brand created in 2012 by the company, Bespoke Autostyling Ltd. They take OEM vehicles and add upgrades to improve the aesthetics and performance. With a host of upgrades over the standard OEM models, Deranged Vehicles needed a badge manufacturer to reflect the quality and finish of their work. Here we run through the different items we have produced.

The first and most distinct badge is the one adorned to the front grill of their Ford Rangers. This is the vehicle they are most renowned for customising and ensures their brand logo is at the forefront. The badge is chrome plated, coloured with black enamel and polished to leave a flat fascia. A self-healing polyurethane resin dome is also added to give an added layer of protection and remove the risk of stone chips.

The second badge we are going to take a look at is the Ford Ranger Blackout Edition badges. These are specifically manufactured to replace the standard OEM plastic/foil badges found in the side vents. Upgrades to these vehicles include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

  • 18 inch satin black Deranged wheels
  • Wide-track arch extensions
  • Gloss black grill, mirror covers, door handles and other accents

Deranged Blackout Edition Badge With Polyurethane