Custom Land Rover Badges

Retro Defenders Custom Land Rover Badges

In this blog post, we take a closer look at the custom Land Rover badges we have been manufacturing in cast aluminium and etched zinc.

Staying true to the original manufacturing methodsĀ Land Rover used on the original Defender badges, we manufacture bespoke exterior vehicle badges from cast aluminium. These are perfect for specialist restoration companies wanting to display their brand in a traditional, unobtrusive way.

Deranged Vehicles Bespoke Badges

Deranged Ford Ranger Grill Badge

Deranged is a brand created in 2012 by the company, Bespoke Autostyling Ltd. They take OEM vehicles and add upgrades to improve the aesthetics and performance. With a host of upgrades over the standard OEM models, Deranged Vehicles needed a badge manufacturer to reflect the quality and finish of their work. Here we run through the different items we have produced.

MAHKER Cast Aluminium Badges

MAHKER Cast Aluminium Badge With Black Enamel

Based in the heart of Shropshire, UK, MAHKER are an internationally inspired workshop using hand crafted components to build outstanding vehicles with endless possibilities. This post is an insight into the production behind the cast aluminium badges we manufactured for their builds.

Working closely alongside our local foundry, we have been manufacturing exterior vehicles badges in cast aluminium. This allows us to manufacture items which are normally too large using our traditional stamping and lost wax techniques.

FixxFest 2021 Keychains & Pin Badges

FixxFest 2021 Badges

Limited edition Fixxfest 2021 keychains and pin badges for UroTuning featuring the VW Golf MK7 TCR feature car.

The level of detail achieved on both the enamel pins and keychains is really high. Engraved numbering on the rear of the keychains and additional backing cards for the pins really sets them off.