Austin Healey Badge Restoration

In this post, we showcase the results of our Austin Healey Badge Restoration. Rather than replace the original badges the car came with, this Austin Healey owner wanted to restore them. They came to us in a sorry state. The chrome was pitted and the enamel was fading badly or missing completely.

Austin Healey Damaged BadgeConsidering the age and wear, this Austin Healey badge restoration needed to be carried out in a sympathetic manner. The metal areas were polished to remove defects and chrome plated to restore the shine. A custom mix of enamel was used to match the ‘Rustoleom Regal Red’ used on the original badges.

The Austin Healey script badge was a slight concern, as the pitting marks were particularly deep. If we polished down to completely remove these, we were afraid of polishing too deep and losing the depth/detailing of the badge. After careful consideration, we felt it was too risky to try and remove them completely on an original badge, so some pitting marks do remain. Nonetheless, they are much smaller and it is a notable improvement compared to before.