Cool & Vintage Aluminium Vehicle Badges

Cool & Vintage Aluminium Vehicle Badges Without EnamelAluminium vehicle badges – Using the same techniques as Land Rover once did, we have been producing exterior vehicle badges from cast aluminium. We can manufacture these to any design (within reason) and replicate the same style and finish of the traditional badges, giving a period correct look.

We receive the initial casts in a rough state from our local foundry located just a couple of miles from our workshop, however it doesn’t take much work to transform them into a work of art.

Cool & Vintage Aluminium Vehicle Badges Side ViewThe first step is to remove all the rough edges and blemishes (which naturally occur when casting) by hand. Once this has been complete, we flood the recessed areas of the design with enamel paint and leave the badges to cure and dry overnight. Once dry, we buff the remaining raised metal areas by slowly increasing the abrasion grade. This leaves us with a smooth finish to the surface, a beautiful contrast against the black enamel background.

The examples pictured are aluminium vehicle badges we have manufactured for Cool & Vintage. Based in Lisbon, Portugal, they painstakingly restore vintage Land Rovers with an obsession for detail and a commitment to the essentials. Each build is completely disassembled down to its chassis with 1000 hours of dedicated craftsmanship invested. Nothing is left untouched. The chassis is rebuilt to factory spec and coated. All parts are repaired to factory new condition. The engine, gearbox and all mechanical parts are also fully disassembled, overhauled and rebuilt.