Long Service Awards

In an ever changing world, the long service award has undergone quite a change. The traditional milestones of 15, 20, 25 and 30 years tend to have been replaced with 5, 10 and 15 years. To put it simply, this is down to people tending to move jobs more frequently.

Forward thinking employers tend to hold annual anniversary events for all staff that have completed a specific milestone.

The best employers are good at communicating the award and make the most of public presentations. This means the award will have a positive impact on the recipient’s peers and co-workers.

House of Logos has been producing long service awards in hallmarked sterling silver, 9ct & 18ct gold for many years. They are tailor made to individual customer needs and can incorporate the company logo or product.
Hatfields Long Service Awards
The most popular long service award item we produce is the lapel pin badge simply because it can incorporate the company logo and when worn by the recipient, it creates a talking point amongst colleagues. This can be seen with the 9ct & 18ct gold Hatfields lapel pins pictured.

For a long service award to be meaningful, it is important that the employee knows they are eligible and the purpose of the award is reinforced to everyone in the presentation.

OurĀ hallmarked sterling silver, 9ct & 18ct gold items are not high cost, but have a high per-sieved value, as they can not be bought of the shelf. This means the long service awards are truly unique and individual to each recipient.