Urban Automotive Custom Vehicle Badges

Urban Automotive Range Rover EvoqueUrban Automotive specialise in bodykits, tuning, interior and exterior styling packages for a host of vehicles. With roots tracing back to 2013 emerging under the name Urban Truck, the Urban Automotive brand has expanded from their original offerings of Land Rover Defenders to include bespoke, luxury Range Rovers and more.

We first met Simon and the Urban team at the 2015 Autosport International show after seeing their impressive stand and array of high quality demonstration vehicles they had on display. Whist the vehicles were built to a very high standard, it did come as a surprise that non of them were branded with their company logo to show prospective clients who had undertaken the work.

After discussing a few ideas at the show, Simon got in touch and sent across some designs and concepts he wanted to develop. After some discussion, it was decided we were going to produce grill badges to replace the standard Land/Range Rover badge at the front and rear of the vehicles and also a ‘Tailored by Urban’ badge which would be adhered to the front wings.Tailored By Urban Automotive Badge

The Tailored by Urban badges are solid metal with a chrome plated surface, leaving a shiny but durable finish. The text is chrome metal surrounded by the black background and small red accents with are all filled with hard enamel and polished, ensuring a nice even finish to the surface. They come complete with 3M self-adhesive foam strips on the rear, ensuring they stick to the contours of every vehicle.

The grill badges on the other hand were chrome plated, but coloured with soft enamel. This is because the curvature of the plaques needed to fit the standard plinths was so severe, hard enamel was not technically possibly.

Urban Automotive RRS PlaqueSince manufacturing the initial items, we have build a great business relationship with Simon and the Urban Automotive team. Most recently we have produced the Urban crest badges which can be seen at the top of the page. These are plated in an antique style coating, giving a brushed look to the surface and coloured with hard enamel ensuring durability. These plaques have also been developed to fit on their custom interior carpet mats by soldering fittings to the rear of the plaques.