Peacock & Binnington Anniversary Year

Founded in 1894 by Henry Earl Cartwright Peacock and John Binnington, 2019 is Peacock & Binnington’s 125th anniversary year. Peacock & Binnington became a limited company in 1937, but Henry Peacock, the first Managing Director, died before it’s first AGM. He was replaced by his son Allen Peacock, who remained at the company until his death in 1985. Allens son Michael joined the company in 1957 and was largely responsible for the expansion of the company. In 2016 Michael’s eldest son Nicholas, (a director of the company since 1992) was appointed as Vice-Chairman and became the fourth generation member of the family to be involved in running the business. Michael Peacock continues as Chairman and is still actively involved in the company created by his grandfather over a century ago.

Be More Social Lapel Pin

Be More Social Lapel Pin

Be More Social run workshops and seminars for businesses wanting to learn more about social media and how it can help promote their business to a larger audience. It soon became clear to Rik and Ben that businesses needed more than just a workshop to help them with their social media presence. In addition to workshops, they work with individual businesses to identify their aims and objectives. Being in the industry for over 12 years, they suggest the best social media platforms to use and how to get the best results from them. Be More Social offer plenty of free guidance but also have membership packages that allow business to access guru sessions and help with all aspects of social media for businesses.

EuroTripper Car Grill Badge

EuroTripper Grill Badge

These EuroTripper grill badges came out mega! Casting the emblems (as opposed to stamping), means we have been able to really empathise the detailing on the lions and make them look 3D. They really pop when you get up close! Very fine areas around the lions tails and feet are cut out, which add to the overall look and feel.

Car Enamel Pin Badge

VW Lupo Badge - Red

These enamel badges are based on a classic hot hatch. These are high quality pin badges perfect to pin on to jackets, rucksacks or just something to add to the collection!

The badges have been kept very OEM, just how the factory intended them to look. Small touches on the badge add to the charm. These include the lip spoiler and original wheels. Also included are Factory colours such as ‘Soft Blue’ and ‘Fresco Green’, so you can have a miniature version of the modern classic.