Tesla Shooting Brake: Niels Van Roij

Niels Van Roij Design Car Badge

Vehicle Badge Design For The Tesla Shooting Brake Conversion Taken From The Designers (Niels Van Roij) Website.

As our Tesla Model S based Shooting Brake conversion is made entirely by hand of the best materials, we did not want any plastic to be used as a base for our badge nor any details of it. In the search for the right party to manufacture our design, House of Logos stood out. They only make items in metals and by hand.

Dodo Juice Decade Coins

Dodo Juice Decade Coins

Every year Dodo Juice do a limited run of Christmas gift editions and this year was no different. Using pj’s highly detailed artwork, we produced these awesome Dodo Juice Decade coins to coincide with the companies 10th anniversary.

Featuring their furry mascot ‘Mr Skittles The Third’ on one side and the company logo on the other, each side has been produced on 7 different levels to fully accentuate the detailed design without the need to use enamel colouring. The coins have also been plated antique bronze, giving them an authentic look and even feature a reeded edge around the circumference, similar to the old £1 coins. Measuring 50mm in diameter with a thickness of 5mm and weighing in at a hefty 48grams, these are a real quality item and helped us achieve the overall look and feel we wanted.

Scooby Clinic Cast Aluminium Plaques

Scooby Clinic Racing Cast Aluminium Plaques

Working closely alongside our local foundry manufacturer, we are now able to offer cast aluminium plaques. This is particularly exciting news for us, as it means we can manufacture items which are normally too large using our traditional stamping and lost wax techniques.

Sand casting is a method where compacted grains of sand are used as the mold material. It is one of the oldest and most widely used metal casting skills. Listed below are some of the key steps in the production method for the Scooby Clinic cast aluminium plaques we recently manufactured.

Urban Automotive Custom Vehicle Badges

Urban Automotive Crest Badge

Urban Automotive specialise in bodykits, tuning, interior and exterior styling packages for a host of vehicles. With roots tracing back to 2013 emerging under the name Urban Truck, the Urban Automotive brand has expanded from their original offerings of Land Rover Defenders to include bespoke, luxury Range Rovers and more.