EuroTripper Car Grill Badge

These EuroTripper grill badges came out mega! Casting the emblems (as opposed to stamping), means we have been able to really empathise the detailing on the lions and make them look 3D. They really pop when you get up close! Very fine areas around the lions tails and feet are cut out, which add to the overall look and feel.

EuroTripper Grill BadgeThe fine enamel work within the badge looks fantastic. It brings a welcome addition of colour, contrasting nicely against the shiny chrome metal. Black infill for the text ensures it’s bold and easy to read.

The badges will be mounted to a custom wooden plaque engraved by Night Lazer and used as awards at the EuroTripper show. They can be removed and installed on the winners cars if they desire, as a complete mounting kit has also been included.