CAtuned Roundels

CAtuned RoundelWe were really excited for CAtuned to get their hands on these copper plated custom metal roundels. With a thickness of 4mm and weighing in at just under 200 grams each, these are a real quality piece. The depth of the sandblasted recessed areas give a superb contrast against the polished upper areas.

To date, these CAtuned roundels are one of our favourite items we have manufactured and look fantastic on their BMW ‘Minte30’ in particular. The car itself was found by @catuned_igor sitting under a tree after a tip off. A proper ground up restoration and build commenced for SEMA 2016. Highlights include an S54 engine conversion, custom CAtuned coilovers, full rollcage, Rotiform wheels and carbon fibre bumpers. For anyone interested, the full ‘Minte30’ build can be found on the CAtuned blog. They also have the CAtuned roundels for sale on their online shop.