VW Lupo Badge

These VW Lupo enamel badges are based on a classic hot hatch – The VW Lupo GTI. These are high quality pin badges perfect to pin on to jackets, rucksacks or just something to add to the collection!

The badges have been kept very OEM, just how VW intended them to look from the factory. Small touches on the VW Lupo badge add to the charm. These include the lip spoiler and original Bathurst wheels. Also included are Factory colours such as ‘Soft Blue’ and ‘Fresco Green’, so you can have a miniature version of the modern classic.

  • VW Lupo Badge - Soft BlueHighly Detailed VW Lupo Badge
  • Measures 30mm
  • Plated in black
  • Coloured with soft enamel
  • Metal clasp fitting on the rear
  • Range of Colours available

The proportions of the vehicle have been ‘beefed up’ slightly (the height and wheels in particular) in order to include as much detail as possible and for it to work when scaled down to actual size.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these VW Lupo enamel pin badges, they are available on Etsy via this link. For a measly £5 including delivery, these are the perfect addition to any Lupo ensuisiasts collection!